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Tailored advisory and consultancy services

Assistance in setting up your business

Monitoring of challenges

Monitoring of current challenges and their relevance for the client – advisory during selection

Profile analysis

Analysis of the business profile of the client to assess the plan and suitability of the application for the grant - verification of the eligibility of the applicant

Economic analysis

Financial and economic analysis

Project development

Project development, processing of grant applications, checking formal site of applications

Complete the attachments 

Complete the factual and supporting documents – attachments

Setting of the process 

The preparation and the setting process of public contracts according to the current legislation of the Slovak Republic

Project management

Project management, implementation, monitoring and reporting


Administrative support and crisis management


Communication with the relevant public institutions at all levels throughout the whole process

Advisory for IT solutions

Hardware advisory and consultancy

  • Hardware selection
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Managing hardware
  • Hardware service

Software advisory and consultancy

  • Software selection
  • Software maintenance
  • Managing software

Advisory and consulting during software development

  • Analysis
  • Proposal
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Service

Why to choose us?

We provide a complex advisory and consulting services to applicants for non-repayable financial aid from EU funds or other sources. We prepare turnkey projects for villages, cities, associations of municipalities, micro-regions, schools and educational institutions, foundations, non-profit organisations and businesses. 

The second area is IT solutions.

In both areas, the main aim is to provide professional help in choosing the appropriate funding program, developing and managing projects. Rich experiences and professional approach guarantee your satisfaction.